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        Lovers in the backseat | Virginia Couple

        This is us! The story of this old pickup is one that will always be close to our hearts. She's been our best and hardest working girl -I guess it's a girl!

        Drake paid cash for this beauty right out of high school, one of those big deal kind of purchases, ya know! He's always been a Ford kinda guy and this was THE truck for him.

        The driveway that we're parked on in these photos, this truck hauled all of the gravel. I mean thousands of pounds of gravel and countless trips back and forth -up hill, down hill, through the mud, in reverse she went.

        We drove her to Washington state, from Virginia.. That's right we drove this 35 year old hunk of old rusted metal ACROSS THE COUNTRY. and then back home again! We had our two bodies, two large dogs, and a handful of things to get married with. She was our home for a month while we drove places neither of us had ever been.

        And today we said goodbye -we sold her and my heart is broken.

        Sometimes I feel a little silly being so attached. We have great memories that will never fade and now we've made room for growth and something new. There's a kid somewhere out there who is going to love her and treat her well and she's going to do the same.

        Moral of the story being, if you have an old pickup or something sentimental to you, that you want to incorporate into a photoshoot -I'm your gal.

        This is where the magic begins. It's where you ask me on a date as your third wheel, and i say yes, and we become bff's

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