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        Hi, I'm Cecilia!

        I live in Charlottesville Virginia. Born in Charlottesville. Raised in Charlottesville. Never left Charlottesville -so I beg you, take me on your elopement! :)

        In a former life I am a registered nurse. My career began in general medicine at the University of Virginia Medical Center, and it ended -well I guess paused (who knows), following a year and a half as a covid nurse. I am so incredibly proud of myself for my time in nursing, it was for sure a tough road, one I will never belittle, but it was certainly not all that I have.

        I married Drake, my high school sweetheart, during the pandemic. We met in 6th grade and I have loved him every day since. We've loved on each other for 12 years now. In May 2021, we drove our old pickup truck and two of our dogs to Washington State to elope in the mountains. It was by far the most magnificent experience. I have never felt so fearless and empowered and wholeheartedly loved. In January of 2023 we were joined by our sweet girl, Tilly Drake.

        We live with our baby girl, three pups and a handful of chickens on a small plot of land on the outskirts of Charlottesville. We hold onto dreams of one day building a house and raising a small farm -a place with lots of animals and a large garden.

        Drake and I love to do anything we can do together! yes, we're that annoying couple! Always picking up hobbies and forgetting about hobbies. Throwing new interest and ideas at the ceiling to see what sticks.

        Photography has always been an interest of mine but never pursued fully. Where my interest originated, I am not sure! I think maybe it began at horse shows as a kid doing my best to document our competitions and then maybe later trying to take a few portraits of my oldest sister in her prom formals.

        My love for my husband and our relationship is why I love photographing couples and weddings! Our connection and intimacy has forever changed the way I see and document.

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        This is where the magic begins. It's where you ask me on a date as your third wheel, and i say yes, and we become bff's

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        Cecilia is an elopement and wedding photographer based out of Charlottesville, Virginia and available for travel. Raw, natural, unabashed imagery is her style. Cecilia focuses on adventure photography as well as classic weddings. Cecilia services the East Coast, but is also available for travel.